Avoid These Pet Peeves:
  1. Always asking about role playing.
  2. Always being demanding and high maintenance.
  3. Always being negative.
  4. Always seeking attention.
  5. Always speaking in memes.
  6. Ignoring other people and only focusing on the server owner.
  7. Not being patient at all times.
  8. Not using your common sense.
  9. Not typing your words out in full. However, exceptions such as lol are appreciative and mobile users are exempt from this (but not letting the server owner know is disrespectful).
  10. Talking about serious topics and taking it very lightly.

Flagged Rules:
  1. All conversations will be kept PG-13.
  2. Do not advertise, unless the server owner (Vincentius Redheart) has allowed you to do so.
  3. Keep profanity to a minimum across the server and forum.
  4. Racism will absolutely not be tolerated, this includes using language to incite such behaviour.
  5. You must be at least 14 years old to use the server.

Main Rules:
  1. Be friendly and respectful to all members.
  2. Do not cause drama.
  3. Do not enforce your ideologies and religious beliefs onto others.
  4. Do not spam.
  5. Do not steal any of our work.
  6. Do not troll with the intent of causing upset to others.
  7. No links to pornography.
  8. No links to viruses.
  9. No seizure-inducing images.
  10. Please be open-minded when discussing highly sensitive topics.

Role Playing Rules:

Main Role Playing Rules:
  1. Do not always block, counter or dodge. Give others a chance to damage your character.
  2. Do not force people to role play with you.
  3. Do not take control of the other person's character.
  4. Fight role plays are done one-on-one.
  5. In order to role play on our server, you must submit a character sheet and have it be accepted.
  6. Killing is not allowed.
  7. No auto-hitting.
  8. No forced pairing/ship of any characters in our server, only do this with the consent of all involved parties.
  9. No godmodding.
  10. No overpowered characters or equipment.
  11. Role plays will be done in bold text.
  12. Role plays will be done in paragraph format.
  13. Role plays will be done in third person.
  14. Role plays will be kept PG-13.
  15. You are only allowed a limited number of items on your character.


Scenario Rules:

Here are the quick links back to our scenario rules: