Hello and welcome to the official website of Krýstallo!

Krýstallo is an original fantasy and science fiction roleplay setting that takes place across three galaxies (Visibilum, Perlucidum and Occultatum) and one divine realm (Krýstallo), it is where players can join one of three factions each with their own goal to achieve and they are: The Empire, The Free Party and The Republic.

The scenario for this setting is this: The Empire of Occultatum wants to take control of all three galaxies with the use of six elemental crystals that are housed within Perlucidum, but The Republic of Visibilum are against that idea as they believe in and fight for the freedom of the people. The Free Party of Perlucidum wishes for peace but remain neutral and they are a vital trading route between all three kingdoms. Whose cause will you decide to join?

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